Our concern for the environment is second to none. We constantly invest in R&D, clean technologies and production process improvement to minimize industrial wastes and maximize the reuse of discards and scraps. We reintroduce almost all industrial discards into new products preserving both quality and food contact conditions.

We are committed to a sustainable development, using and developing technologies that protect the environment.

Our EPS production process uses fluorocarbon-free blowing agents (CFC FREE) since operation start up, complying with the most demanding international environmental protocols.

At post-consumer level, we are founders of the only local EPS Foam Recycling Plan, which aims both at the reuse of post-consumer material and at the reinsertion to society of people in critical cultural and economic contexts, reinforcing not only our environmental concern but also our social commitment with the community.

All our business units are conceived and developed under a sustainable criterion with a special eye in the design and development of processes and products which rationalize the use of raw materials, energy and are first and foremost occupational safe.

Both the raw materials we use and the products we provide are 100% recyclable.

Ferrara 3383 – Montevideo 12200 / Uruguay – Tel.: (598) 2511 5200* – Fax: (598) 2512 0641

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Ferrara 3383 – Montevideo 12200 / Uruguay – Tel.: (598) 2511 5200* – Fax: (598) 2512 0641